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Samuraï Shiatsu

Samuraï Shiatsu. Safe Exercice and Massage for Older Adults.

Our hands are the most important “tool” for physical therapy. Nothing can match the ease and effectiveness of ‘hands on’ touch!
The Samurai Programme was originally developed for school children. The exercises presented here have been adapted specifically for the treatment of older people, but can easily be used to treat any adult. They are fast and simple and can be carried out by anyone working with older people, individually or in groups.

Care workers, volunteers, exercise managers and Shiatsu practitioners will all find that these exercises improve the quality of life of older people they work with. Family members who want to support elderly relatives will readily learn these exercises too by following the easy-to-understand descriptions and illustrations.

ISBN: 978-3-943324-38-9

Date de parution : 2016

Editions : KIENER


Nombre de pages : 63
Langue : Anglais


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